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Trauma in Dreams

When people ask me what my life calling is I usually reply: “I want to help get dreams back into medicine and health care.” When people ask me why dreams should be used in medicine and health care I … Read More


When a Woman Dreams of Eggs

The egg is a fascinating symbol. When an egg appears in a dream it always catches my attention; I know that something important is being shown, something to do with a potential life which has not … Read More


Do the Contents of the Unconscious Want to Be Exposed in Dreams?

A few years ago I was working with a woman who didn’t understand why I was so interested in her dreams. As a way of justifying myself I said: “I’m interested in dreams because our unconscious uses … Read More

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Dreams and Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is a very exciting new field of medicine and therapy. For me it is best described as the ability of the brain to generate and strengthen new desired neural networks to replace ones … Read More

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Good Thing or Bad Thing?

At first glance it is often difficult to tell if the central event in a dream is referring to something good or something bad. In my dreamwork practice I have found more and more that the Good … Read More