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soapstone dream figure

Dreams and Homeopathy

Hey all you homeopaths and homeo-dreamers out there, I just had an article published in Homeopathy Today about a method for using dream information in homeopathy. If you'd like to check it out here's … Read More

holding hands

Letting Go of the Deceased

Dreamwork can be a living, evolving thing. Some dreams stay alive in the imagination for a long time. New perspectives and new insights can appear over time. It might happen that a new insight changes … Read More

holes in glass

Trauma in Dreams

When people ask me what my life calling is I usually reply: “I want to help get dreams back into medicine and health care.” When people ask me why dreams should be used in medicine and health care I … Read More


When a Woman Dreams of Eggs

The egg is a fascinating symbol. When an egg appears in a dream it always catches my attention; I know that something important is being shown, something to do with a potential life which has not … Read More


Do the Contents of the Unconscious Want to Be Exposed in Dreams?

A few years ago I was working with a woman who didn’t understand why I was so interested in her dreams. As a way of justifying myself I said: “I’m interested in dreams because our unconscious uses … Read More