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Good Thing or Bad Thing?

At first glance it is often difficult to tell if the central event in a dream is referring to something good or something bad. In my dreamwork practice I have found more and more that the Good … Read More

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Sometimes You Need to Get Physical With a Dream

What are the common ways that people work with their dreams? We think about our dreams, we talk about them, we visualize them. This dynamic trio of thinking/talking/visualizing is remarkably effective … Read More

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No Dreams? How About Movies?

I just returned from four days in Berkeley California at the annual conference of the IASD– International Association for the Study of Dreams. As usual the conference was fascinating and diverse, and … Read More

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The Girl With Special Powers

A thirty year old man recently told me the following dream: “I’m in a room. It seems to be a pizza place. There are four tires stacked in the corner. There is a girl with special powers living there … Read More


There’s a Shark Following Us

What would it mean if you had a dream of being pursued by a shark? As usual there is no one single answer. Don’t bother running to the dream dictionary to look up shark dreams; it may help you make a … Read More