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Zombie Dreams

Zombies are very popular these days. They're big in pop culture, comic books, movies… they’re all over the place. The zombie must be an important symbol in our collective psyche right now. Why? What’s … Read More

Ruby Cat

Dreams of Biting Cats and Dogs

Have you ever had a dream of being bitten by a cat or dog? This is a very common and important type of dream that usually has the following characteristics: an animal engages with the dreamer in a … Read More

Specific Body Locations in Dreams

Sometimes a dream will feature a very specific part of the body. As the dreamer relates the dream he or she may describe the spot very precisely. Usually there is a reason for this careful choice of … Read More

spider and scorpion

The Spider and the Scorpion

Here is a common pattern that appears in dreams: an animal appears and terrifies the dream ego, then another animal appears and attacks the first animal; at this point the dreamer starts to feel pity … Read More

Barcelona skyline

How Do Dreams Give Advice?

Have you ever had a dream in which you are given some very specific advice? It happened to me a few nights ago– I dreamed that I was told (not exactly in audible words, I just knew) that I must take a … Read More